CH-2 Firmware Updates

Version 2.17c
  • Trends: Each trend point will now store 20,160 readings, double the previous amount.
  • Users: To conform with California Senate Bill 327, the 'admin' user is now forced to change their password from the default 'pass'. It must be 8+ characters with at least 1 number and 1 letter. It will only force the admin to change if their password is exactly the default "pass".
    These new password rules are also enforced in the user editing screen. It will not force a change to existing users unless their password is changed.
  • Graphics: Added support for arrow keys to move, and ctrl+arrow keys to resize gadgets in the graphic editor.
  • Graphics: Fixed a scaling problem that could shift gadgets between edit and view mode. This may cause some gadgets on existing graphics to move by 1 pixel from where they were originally placed.
  • Graphics: All but one of the dashboard gadgets can now be used on graphic screens. The only gadget not allowed is the 'Graphic Container', to prevent embedding graphics within graphics.
  • Graphics: The resize handles in edit mode have been reduced in size to allow for smaller label gadgets.
  • Network: Added the following commands to the "Server Functions\Enter Code" menu selection:
    TelnetOFF - Disable all access to Telnet.
    TelnetON - Enable access to Telnet.
    FTPOFF - Disable all access to FTP.
    FTPON - Enable access to FTP.

    The network settings screen does not indicate the current state. This will be added in a future version.
    For security reasons, it is recommended that Telnet and FTP be disabled when they are not in use.

  • Misc. browser compatibility and bug fixes.
Important Note! The zip file below must be unzipped before uploading it to the CH-2 unit.


To update a CH-2 unit:

1) Download the above zip file to your hard drive.
2) Unzip the file to your desktop or any folder on your hard drive.
3) Log in to the CH-2 unit as admin.
4) Select "Firmware Update" from the "Server Functions" menu.
5) Browse for the update file on your computer and then click "Upload".

*** Be sure not to disturb the upload or click upload more than once. ***

6) When it says it is successful, select "Reboot Server" from the "Server Functions" menu.

It can take several minutes to apply the update and restart the unit. It should now show the new version number in the login screen.

Version 2.04b
  • Note: Support for DHCP has been disabled due to some compatibility issues. If DHCP is currently enabled, it will continue to work. If it is not currently enabled or is manually disabled, the option will no longer appear in the network settings. DHCP support will return once the compatibility issues have been resolved.
  • Misc. browser compatibility and bug fixes.

Version 2.01b
  • Added support for QR Codes. Right-click any viewable node in the tree and select "Make QR Code" to generate a code. Please see the help file for important security information.
  • Misc. browser compatibility and bug fixes.
  • Note that the HTML5 interface will now be the default. See Differences Between the CH-1 and CH-2 for information about changing the default interface.

Version 2.00e